Introduction: Fixing Brocken Apeture Blades

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hello today we are going to learn how to fix a broken/stuck aperture blade on a vintage lens which was a cannon fd mount aslo please check my 2 min video first for a better perspective of how it is fixed and a subscription is allways great too also Ill show you how to turn any lens into a cine lens

Step 1: Takeing Mount Apart

undo the screw in the back of the fd mont and pull the mount of carefully , remember to keep the screws safe i use a magnetic bowl

Step 2: Leavers

in the picture, you can see this pin in the leaver on the mount and the leaver with the hole on the lens, when taking apart the lens I found these were not connected properly the pin should be in the hole this controls the aperture, connect these then screw the mount together ensuring they are both connected

Step 3: It Works

yey it works , we have now saved this item from going to the waste thank you for looking at this post, please tell me if I help fix your lens and please check my video

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