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I recently ruined my favorite T-shirt, and I had no heart to dispose it. So I thought of a simple way to dye it at home using fabric colors so that, I may cling on to it for some more time. Here are some images of how I did it.

Step 1: ​You Will Need

A shirt, some fabric paints and yarn. This was the first time I had tried dying using fabric paints so before starting I had no idea if it would work.

Step 2: The Shirt

This is my spotted shirt, it got this mark during a wash. This shirt is 100% cotton.

Step 3: Tying the Shirt

I crumpled my shirt together width wise, and then tied it securely using the yarn . I continued till I had tied it at several places with no specific measurement.

Step 4: 1st Color Green

Now I mixed some green fabric paint in water 6 ml paint: 300-400 ml water approximately. Then dipped my shirt in the solution, not the whole way but 3/4 of it.

Step 5: 2nd Color Blue

After green I dipped 1/2 of it again in a blue solution. Here is how it looked after the first two colours.

Step 6: 3rd Color Black

Now I dipped it again in a black solution from both the sides. This was how the final dye effect looked like. After this I let it dry overnight.

Step 7: Open the Yarn

Once it had dried I cut open the yarn. After opening it I saw that the paint had not dyed the whole fabric but only the parts which came in direct contact of the paint solution.

Step 8: Final Effect

It was quite unexpected,but I liked the final effect. So you too go ahead, give your dead shirts a new dyed life!

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