Introduction: E-Reader Case

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You will need:

2 x A4 sized pieces of fabric
2 x A4 sized pieces of wadding
2 metres of bias binding
2 pieces of plastic canvas, the same size as your e-reader
30cm elastic
1 button

Step One:

Cut one of the pieces of wadding in half. This will be for the inside pieces - pin it to the inside cover fabric, with a small gap (around 1cm) between the two pieces. Pin the other piece of wadding to the second piece of fabric, for the outside cover. Remember to always pin to the reverse of the fabric! Sew the wadding to the fabric, and then trim the edges square.

Step 1: Sewing It All Together

I like to create a fake spine on my book covers, so at this point, I pin the two quilted pieces together, and stitch 1 row either side of the middle.

Pin the bias binding around the edges of the book cover, and sew on, leaving the top edge open. Once the other 3 sides are stitched closed, slide the plastic canvas into the open gaps (there should be one piece on each side) and stitch the gap closed.

Step 2: Hold Steady...

To hold the e-reader in place, you need to fix 4 pieces of elastic to the inside cover. I drew around the corners of my e-reader in place, and then cut 4 pieces of elastic each measuring 4cm long. These were sewn in place with a simple back stitch, and then the tails of the threads were pulled through the fabric to hide them (Tie the knot in the end, then push the needle into the fabric for around an inch and back up again- pull tight, then cut the thread. The loose end should disappear into the fabric).

Step 3: Closures & Fittings

To protect the screen of my E-reader, I like to have a closure on the casing. This can either be done with a piece of material with a button hole in it, or, more simply, a loop of elastic. To do this, cut a piece of elastic around 15cm long and fold in half. Sew the loose ends to the back of the cover, nice and tightly. On the front of the cover, sew on a button. The loop of elastic should fit around the button and hold the cover closed.

Slot your e-reader into the elastic, get comfy, and enjoy the book!