Introduction: EASY $3 Dollar DIY Gumball Machines!

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SUPER EASY DIY Candy Machine decorations!

These candy machines can be built for $3 dollar

($4 dollars if you need to buy the candy too).

Step 1: First, Get Your Stuff From the Dollar Store!

This tutorial is for make SUPER fast candy machine decorations without glue or paint. Depending on what you're looking to create, grab some containers and cups, planter base. These gumball machine decorations could be all plastic if you'd like. I show a few different options for build designs.

The foam mounting tape works great!

You can also use sticky tack.

Step 2: Plant Pot Base

I grabbed a plastic planter, you could use a heavy clay one and paint it if you'd like, but this wide base works great and is already painted!

Foam tape on the bottom of container and you're done!

Step 3: Cup and Container With Lid

Depending on what you have around the house or can find at the dollar store, some candy is pre-wrapped and works best for the open top design, while loose candy works better in containers with lids.

I really like this one with the aluminum lid. Some foam tape on the bottom and Instant gumball machine!

Step 4: Wine Glass Candy Machine

This is the fastest one to create. A solo cup would work great, but CAREFULLY cut the bottom out of a cup and set the glass inside!

Step 5: Sticky Tack

Sticky tack is another way to mount your container on top of your cup or container.

Step 6: Decorate!

You can add stickers, paint or draw on the candy machine to make it look even more authentic!

Step 7: Upcycle

You might already have everything you need sitting in your house! I repurposed this container for Almonds and now it's a classic square-shaped candy machine!

Step 8: Here's a Video Showing How to Do It.

You can build these in less than 5 minutes!