Introduction: EASY Dog Fetch Toy

Its basically a chuck it except its not overpriced and its better than those tiny chuck its that throw tiny balls, and this can throw tiny balls. I dont even really get the point of writing anything in the intro. Have fun!

Please please please someone tell me if this makes sense, and if not tell me what.

Im only 14, so dont tell me to use grammar. And dont stalk me (just kidding. but dont)


Any strong stick about 8-16 in, any string that is sorta tough (Floss will work), rubber bands (hair tie will work), Tennis ball or whatever object you want to launch, OPTIONAL Tape Or Hot glue Gun OR both (both is better),

Step 1: Supplies

Get the supplies i guess

Step 2: Sticky Thingy

take your stick, and Measure 3 in down from the top, and mark it. Then take tape or hot glue or rubber bands and wrap/tape/glue a ring around the stick so that if you were to put a ring and slide it down the stick starting at the short end of the stick, whatever you put there would stop the ring at the mark you made. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!! I found that putting a ring of tape and then a ring of hot glue as the photo shows works best. But I am only 14, and I am really weak so try it out yourself and see what works best.

Step 3: The Ball or Toy or Whatever You Want to Launch.

if you are using a small tennis ball, attach the floss or string using rubber bands like the photo, the big one is also in the photo. Just double loop the rubber band and slip a string under it, and tie the string in place. Then measure anywhere from 5 in to 8 in of string and make a knot there. Depending on how heavy the projectile and strong you are, the string should be shorter or longer. A heavy projectile, like a normal tennis ball should be about 5 in, a small tennis ball should be 8 in, and the stronger you are, the longer the string, the weaker the shorter the string. Then take the part where you tied the second not, and measure it around the stick like the picture shows, and tie a knot. Cut off the remaining string, and the second picture gives an idea of the final product. And your done. Thats it, really simple.

Step 4: Throwing Thingy

Put the string loop starting on the short end of the string and then grasp the stick on the other side, and throw it overhand (make sure to follow through). the stick and string and leverage to your arm power giving extra speed, but if the string is too long or the stick is too long or both, you cant reach the terminal velocity of your arm (the max speed your arm can give) and the ball does not go very far. So if this occurs, try holding the stick higher up. Also,also, when we measured the 3 in, if your because you have big muscles or no muscles, move that 3 in mark up or down and repeat step 1 with the new mar. when launching the ball, if the ball goes in a nice arc, you are done making! if it goes towards the ground and goes in a downward arc, move the mark in step 1 up, if the ball goes really high but now very far horizontally, or just does not go very far, but still travels in a nice arc, the ball is being released too early, so move the mark down. That is it, i know this is kinda confusing, ill make a video for it soon. and this was my first time, and I'm only 14. Have fun! If none of this makes sense or you have questions, ask them in the recommendations and I will answer. And please tell me if it does make sense or if it does not.

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