Introduction: EASY Gorgeous Paper Roses

You can fussy cut by hand or use a plotter machine to cut out your rose templates in graduated sizes.( Refer to step 1).

Step 1: Cutting Your Pattern

Cut out your paper rose template from your silhouette or cricut cutter, plotter machine. I used white paper but had the sketch pens outline the flowers so they are easier to see. Notice they are graduated sizes to make a more fuller rose.

Step 2: Tools Needed

One Foam or Mouse Pad, something cushy that's more than an eighth inch in depth. Your graduated ball stylus's, tacky glue and a water mist bottle. I find not using really strong stiff paper is a plus, if you do happen to use stiff paper a water bottle is great for slightly misting the paper to break the fibers down a little to mold the petals, but only water it sparingly, too much water turns paper to mush. Also a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Forming Your First Round of Petals

Take one of your smaller ball stylus's and rub each petal and the middles of each round of petals until cupped shaped.

Step 4: Pre-forming Your Bud

After getting the first round done slightly pinch and cup the found into a bud shape, I like to increase the pressure near the tip of the petals so it's closed more, nothing is more dainty than a mostly closed bud in the middle of a rose.

Step 5: Glue Your First Round

putting glue up the sides of each petal of the round, not too much,.. just enough to get all petals tacky.

Step 6: Hold to Set Your Bud

Tacky glue takes a minute to set, so hold your bud in the shape you'd like it in.

Step 7: Onto the Next Size UP Round

Repeat the past steps until you get to the larger rounds. Remember to glue each size up round in the middle of the next biggest round of petals. Refer to pictures.

Step 8: Molding

I like to sometimes pinch the middle of the petals for more bulk to the upper petals so the rose looks more full. You don't have to do this, But don't be afraid to play with your petals,.. Nature has petals of all sorts of curls and irregularities. I will also cup the rose in my hand ( refer to second picture) so that the petals or bud is more compact on the bottom half of the rose. Note * do not glue the upper petals of any round. this will close off your rose unless you want a closed bud,.. then it's alright to do so.

Step 9: Finishing Off the Larger Rounds

Finally , you'll be getting to the largest rounds for your rose. I after taking the largest ball stylus will turn the round over and take a smaller stylus and will form the tops of the petals outward, or the opposite way to make the outer petals look like they have reached their limit of stretching from the sun and time has stopped before fade and wilt!

Step 10: Molding the Petals at End

This is what your rose should look like, If you look at the middle and end pictures I also took a fine pointed tweezer and wrapped some of the corners of the petals around it so they looked more natural.

Step 11: The Rose Bottom

This is what the underneath of the rose should look like. All that's left is the glue it to something.

Step 12: The Finished Rose and What You Can Create

The rose is done. I've given examples of smaller yellow roses I made the exact same way, glued to a strip of white paper that I eventually cut around the base of the flowers and glue to a card front. I also added greens so they look like a bouquet. Anyone would be thrilled to get such beautiful paper roses on a card on a day when they need a lift in spirits. Other ideas you can do is ink the edges of the roses,.. add gloss accents so it looks like it rained on the roses with glossy laquer, varnish,.. or glue them onto something else that's special. there's no limit to where you can add these and You and I will know how easy it was and only took a few tools to do.

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