Introduction: EGG SHELL

About: I am student at IAMAS Learning Arts and Information technology.

It is a personal shelter, made of cardboard.

For when you want to relax, when you want to stay closed, when you want to work.


  • W : about 1.0 meter
  • D : about 1.0 meter
  • H : about 1.2 meter

Time required for production: about 1 day


  • Corrugated Cardboard - 800 x 800 x 3 (mm) , 10sheets
  • MDF - 700 x 400 x 5.5 (mm), 1sheets
  • (MDF - 700 x 400 x 2.5, so many * for the seating surface)


  • Laser Cutter - trotec Speedy 300 ( 726 x 432 mm) +link+
  • CNC Router - Shopbot ( 2438 x 1219 mm ) +link+
    • V-bit 1/2 - inch

* You can make it without having a CNC router. by hand


  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • VCarve +link+

It has published how to create a Shell.

We will release the data of the seating surface, but please make it according to the tool and material when making it.

Step 1: Making Cutting Data (for CNC Routers)

First, let's make machining data with CNC router
(If you make it by hand, please DL the data, then print it and paste it on the material.Then please cut with a cutter.
The blue line is a line that makes a groove. The red line is a tear line)

  1. Enter the size of the material. (In the case of Corrugated Cardboard 3 mm)
  2. Set the drill to V-bit and set to cut the blue line by 1 mm.
  3. Set to cut the red line at 3.2 mm.
  4. Set the hole to be opened with 3.2 mm

Step 2: Cutting Shell Parts

When you have data, cut the material.(In case of shopbot)

Move the shopbot with the data created in Step 1.

Cut out each required number of parts.

Step 3: Cutting Joint Parts

Cut the MDF(5.5mm) with a laser cutter

Cut out each required number of parts.


Step 4: Assembly

Let's assemble the cut parts.

Joint parts from A to X are fitted in 2 parts for each side of each shell part.

Everything is completed and it is completed

Step 5: Option Seat

Please cut the mdf 2.5 mm with a laser cutter and assemble it.