Introduction: EL Bumper Sticker - Redux

Have you have seen my Electroluminescent Bumper Sticker?

Well a number of comments told me I was breaking the law with having the sticker on the inside of
my window, and that I may get a ticket.

So I decided to re-engineer my bumper sticker to be,
Just THAT a Bumper Sticker.

This Instructable is showing how I mounted it on the bumper of my car.

Making it, and adapting the power was well explained in the other instructable.

Step 1: Removing the Bumper

This was A LOT harder then I thought it would be,
depending on your car, it may be as simple as drilling and reaching around the back
or in my case removing the complete bumper assembly from the car.

Step 2: Applying the Bumper Sticker

Using Fabric Double stick tape, I added glue to the full back surface of  the bumper sticker
I used liquid electrical tape, to coat all exposed surface traces, and anything that conducted electricity
I also coated the ribbon cable with the liquid, let it dry, then wrapped it with black tape for a double
electric seal, I also put a layer of the liquid electric tape around the perimeter of the bumper sticker
as waterproofing.

I used black silicon inside the bumper to seal the back side, and to give some strain relief
to the supply cable. Which I passed thru and into the back of the vehicle.
(The power converter box, and control board are mounted inside the car to protect them)

Step 3: The Finished Product

Step 4: Updated!