Introduction: Geek on a Glowforge - Flying Dragon Mobile

In my continued Dragon for Halloween series, today I am going to show you how to make a flying dragon Mobile using your Glowforge Laser.

Some of the photos I used are 'test' images, since the mobile isn't going 'up' till closer to Halloween.


12" x 20" Baltic Birch wood

Black krylon spray

Red krylon spray

Nylon thread (fishing line seems best)

Step 1: How to Make a Mobile

This is probably one of the best videos I have found on how to make a flying mobile, I included it in my Instructable as a reference.

It is not mine!

Step 2: Making the Wings

I wanted something with more texture, and detail then just two 'wings' so I found a picture of rubber wings on the internet, and then used them as my base. taking each wing as a separate side, to make the mobile a wing span of 3'.

It was a bit tricky aligning the wood to be exact on both sides in the Glowforge, luckily after it was spray painted the 'whoopsies' are not noticeable.

Step 3: Wing Detail

Some pics of the details, I know its up high and no one really see's the details, BUT I KNOW ITS THERE.

(cough) OCD (cough)

I sprayed several light coats of high gloss black Krylon on the wings to give it that dark leathery feel to them.

Step 4: Dragon Body

If you watched the video, how to make a mobile (What, you didn't? Get back there and do it!) the weight of the body needs to be heavier than the wings to get it properly balanced.

I combined several dragons as my final version, deciding my first version was too 'cute' and needed to be more 'dragony'.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Threading the nylon to get it to hang properly was the most difficult part of this project.

That instructional video I attached really did help a lot with the threading part.

You reached here?

Wanna make your own!?

Here are the files!! (.svg)

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