Introduction: EL Wire Plant Pot

In this instructable I will show you how to make cool electroluminescence plant pot. The idea is simple, use cotton wool, EL wire and plastic bottle to make unique home for your plant.


- plastic bottle (I used 2 liter, but you can use larger or smaller if you like)

- EL wire with controller

- Cotton wool

- Plant food

- Plant soil

- Plant (of course lol)

- 2x AA batteries

- 3V 300mA solar panel (optional for outdoor planter pot)


- Sellotape

- Scissors

Step 1: Prepare Your Plant and Pot

- First take your favorite plant seedling and put in in a water for 5-10 for your plant to take roots

- Cut plastic bottle in half (you can cut more or less, all depends on how tall you want your pot to be)

- Make few holes at the bottom of plastic bottle for water drainage (you can use scissors)

NOTE: drainage is very important for plant health

Step 2: Planting Step 1

- Fill plastic bottle with soil (about 2-3cm)

- Add a little bit of plant food on top of the soil

Step 3: Planting Step 2

- Prepare a strip of cotton wool

- Add a little bit of plant food on the cotton wool

- Wrap root of your plant with cotton wool with plant food (see picture)

Step 4: Planting Step 3

- Put EL wire inside the pot

- Add cotton wool

NOTE: Make sure to make few layers of cotton wool and EL wire

Step 5: Planting Step 4

- Add a little bit of plant food on top layer of the cotton wool

- Tape EL wire controller to the plastic bottle (make sure you insert 2x AA batteries first)

- Moisture cotton wool wool with small amount of water

Step 6: Planting Step 5

We are basically done, all you have to do is switch the EL wire and watch you plant grow :)

NOTE: For outdoor pots you can use solar panel to power the EL wire. Make sure you buy at least 3V and 300mA panel. All you have to do is solder wires from the panel to the positive and negative leg of the EL wire controller.

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