Introduction: ELECTION DAY/HALLOWEEN COSTUME - Infant/Toddler President

My first instructable - take it easy on me! Most is pretty self-explanatory from the image, but details are below.

Step 1: Step 1: Print Presidential Seal

Materials: Color printer, paper, scissors

Print a seal in the desired size. Print two if you want to create a costume for a push along toy and a baby carrier (for when the kiddo gets tired of walking). Cut the circles out.

Step 2: Print or Color Blue Background and Assemble

Materials: paper grocery bags, tape/paste, blue markers/paint OR blue printed background from computer printer

Take 1 (or 2 if you plan to do carrier and walker) paper grocery bags and either print a blue background or color the bottom flap of the bag.

Glue seal to center of blue portion.

Step 3: Step 3: Wear

Materials: Walker push along toy and/or baby carrier, optional: US flag accessories, baby "suit"


Open paper bag and cover walker toy. Rip or use scissors to make places for toddler's hands. Place on level ground and let your little one (perhaps dressed in a baby suit or onesie with lots of US flag accessories) go!

Baby Carrier:

Baby tired or not cooperating pushing the walker podium? Put them in the front-facing baby carrier and adhere decorated bag #2 to front of carrier. You can also open the paper bag and put it over the front of the carrier and make holes for the straps.

Step 4: (optional) Step 4: Secret Service

If the parents/guardians/siblings/etc want to get involved, dress them in white dress shirts, jackets, mirrored sunglasses, and pop an earbud into one ear to accompany the little one trick or treating as their secret service!

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