Introduction: EMP Power Monger Gauntlet

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this instructable is creeping up on its first birthday and recently it has received a brother this instructable is a slight modification that you may be interested in making on your Power Monger

hey want an update check out this video.

The EMP Power Monger Gauntlet was a Massive EMP generator with a massive coil that slid onto a persons arm and had a total capacitance of 2 farads or more and over 7,000 volts it took insanely too long to fully charge but then again why would it need to be fully charged with that massive coil main parts required include LOTS OF DUCT TAPE (used as finger-less glove coil protection, hiding wires and just about everything else. also 1 role is plenty.) 1 disposable camera and 3 super-capacitors and 5 smaller ones you can use as many capacitors as you need but any more than that would require an optional armband or backpack to carry them, 200 ft of recycled 16 gauge wire 1 momentary switch and 1 toggle switch and tin foil i don't have specified dimensions so just get a 3 ft long piece and that will be plenty, optional parts include hand made mounting brackets, miscellaneous wire connectors, and i do greatly suggest a small ventilation fan if you intend wearing it among mechanical monsters, mine didn't have one, and i still regret it.

required tools/things/people

1: Hands

2: a brain (anyone will do but preferably one you already own, i suggest the one you may or may not carry with you at all times

3:soldering iron (preferably with solder but if you can make it work without kudos

4:wire stripers/cutters/scissors/a lit candle (really anything that can strip a wire will work i suggest the candle just make sure you're in a well ventilated area like an enclosed concrete or metal box, kidding a bedroom works better as long as it has a window or a fan or both.i suggest both at the same time.)

5: standard flat-head screwdriver, or whatever you prefer to get the camera open with

6:batteries lots of them or just a variable power supply i suggest one made with a computer psu

7 volt meter or continuity tester or a battery+light bulb

8: definitely not a fear of getting shocked its not going to kill you but it might kinda feel good or hurt depends if your a masochist or not

9: an understanding parent or roommate or better half not required and not necessary if your you're a hermit

that's all of the required tools/things/people

Optional tools

1: hot glue gun with glue sticks there is almost no alternative that is cheaper except maybe jb weld

2: caulking gun ( to insulate the capacitor heads. trust me the shock from this thing would not be fun to endure even if you're a masochist.) with a varied amount of caulking depending on the amount of capacitors.


Step 1: Salvaging Wires

At the end of a local school year you may get lucky to find a lot of computer cables that the school is just throwing away. If not it might take a long while longer to amass the massive amount of wire, another good source is the light controls on cars computer psu's and the obvious choice broken appliances. If you're having trouble finding 200 ft don't worry that was just the first massive number I thought of that was probably close to the amount I used.

Step 2: Connect the Wires

you can do this any way you want half of mine was soldered the other half was just twisted together and taped. you would think i would suggest soldering but i don't it's messy teadius hot sweaty and the fumes just can't be good for you. So if you twist, which i suggest, make sure you twist in a linear fashion so that the wire doesn't stick up and make a mess of the coil. speaking of which, MOVING ON.

Step 3: What Did I Just Tell You, You Should Listen Better, Oh Well THE COIL. Did You Hear Me This Time. Oh Good.

I didn't put it in the list of materials but you're going to need 3.5" diameter by 10" cylinder. wrap the cylinder with the wire making as many layers as possible keep in mind to insulate between layers so the wire doesn't sink between the bottom layer. try to keep close to the same number of wraps for each layer. I suggest you make the coil neat, tight, and uniform on every layer. the length of the coil varies with the length of your fore arm make sure to leave a couple of inches on the elbow part of your arm. Make sure the coil doesn't unravel EVER, and also remember to keep the metal of the wire from touching any other part of the wire,make sure to leave an extra 6 or 7 inches on the end of the leads coming out of the same end of the coil, and as a final step put duct tape to hold the coil together take a mallet and get the coil off the cylinder, hopefully in-tact. make sure you use the continuity tester to check the coil to make sure it conducts electricity. it should but if it doesn't start from the top and check every connection and wire with the continuity tester, you can fix it your way however you want. I think you will find it worth your time to click next step now.

Step 4: Wiring the Capacitors in PARALLEL

pretty self explanatory but i'll explain it anyway. With smaller capacitors solder the negative posts (the side with a white stripe down the side) then do the exact same with the positive. The supercapacitors use ac ones only. wire them in parallel. it doesn't matter what side is wired to witch with the supercapacitors. and wire them together. You could wire them in series but it won't work as well because wiring them in parallel ads the capacitance, wiring them in series adds the inverses of the values for capacitance. (making the value much smaller.)

Step 5: Prepairing the Circuit

this is where you're going to need the disposible camera there are many Instructables on how to do this and at this point its 3 in the morning and I don't feel like being descriptive and tedious with some thing that i have to recall from memory so moving on. but you're in luck the next step is your last step without all of the creature comforts, but i sugest the optionall ones they will make you're arm so happy.


but before we do that make sure you pay vary close attention it's tedious i know but you must. take your piece of tin foil and coat the interior of the coil with it and duct tape it in place. This is to prevent a small bit of magnetic radiation from your arm it probably doesn't do much but hey... Safety dance. Next connect the circuit and the capacitor bank now put that aside. Prepare the massive coil by looking for the lead that starts on the inside of the coil cut that lead in half and attach your momentary switch in between the two halves sorry but tis requires soldering then attach the end of the same lead to the negative side of the capacitor bank and connect the other lead on the positive side of the capacitor bankthis will make the range bigger if only by a little now you can either duct tape tha capacitors and circuit on the coil or for a better stronger version use a hot glue gun instead this is the finnished EMP POWER MONGER but if you would prefer to make it a gauntlet continue to Step 7:

Step 7: Making It a Gauntlet Hopefully

this is a very duct tape heavy step if you don't have duct tape go get some at a hardware store it's not expensive. we will all wait for you to return.(no we won't) now while the unprepared suffer the mechanized apocalypse let's finish this and save the world. i suggest you make a fingerless glove out of duct tape just make sure that it can still come off easily,ie don't put the sticky side down until you have a non sticky surface other than your skin to stick it to, you could use a store baught one but it doesn't work as well. tnow put the coil assembly over your arm with the glove on position the coil so the wrist end of the glove lines up with the end of the coil. Now take a strip of duct tape and with the sticky side up tape it around your arm above the elbow end of the coil then tape the strip to the end of the elbow end of the coil take the coil and glove off take strips of tape and attach them approx. 1" inside of the glove so a little tape sticks out now carfully place the glove on and slowly slip the coil over it and position the clove in its final resting place and fasten it forever.

Step 8: Position the Toggle and Momentary Switches Wherever You Want Them for Easy Access

this is pretty explanatory unless you didn't read step 5 and don't' know where the toggle came from. so if that's you read this is kinda the same thing its just a lot less powerful now attach your favorite dc voltage source < 9 volts and bada bing bada boom there you got it the EMP POWER MONGER GAUNTLET by zoel tech industries, not a real company

Step 9: Warning

i do not suggest wearing or bringing this device any where near any

  1. hospital
  2. school
  3. cop shop
  4. stupid pearson's house
  5. anyone with a heart monitor device
  6. anyone with epilepsy
  7. anywhere outside of your house
  8. anywhere

so to recap make sure it's legal to build in the place you live i know it's legal to build in america but not sure about individual states. so have fun be safe sorry for not having pictures i built it a while ago and wasn't planning on making this instructable again have fun be safe i am not responsible for your possible imprisonment in federal prison and use the caulking gun to insulate the capacitor heads and i can't say this enough have fun be safe. do not use this near any form of electronic device you love or care about and if you build this please tell me it's range and if you can its frequency i was not able to test that in a safe place before the cops illegally stole it from me. so be safe.

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