Introduction: ENG 371 Scooper

Hydraulic Scooper Demonstration

Step 1: Cut Out Cardboard:

Cut out c 2 rectangles for arms (12”x2.5”), 2 large squares for base (6”x6”), 2 trapezoids for the base stand arms (8” long, 6” wide at bottom, 3” wide at top), 2 rectangles for scooper (4”x2.5”), 1 rectangle for scooper (6.5”x4”), 1 rectangle for scooper (3.5”x2.5”), 6 squares for dowel reinforcement (1”x1”)

Step 2: Make Base

Glue (2) 6”x6” pieces of cardboard together to make a base

Step 3: Make Base Arms

Glue (2) 8”x6”x3” trapezoid shaped cardboard pieces together to make the base stand arms. Long side down on base, (2) trapezoids should be 1 ¾” apart centered on the base

Step 4: Dowel Hole for Arm

Poke one hole at the top of each base stand arm using a pencil, about an inch from the top of the arm in the center

Step 5: Insert Dowel

Insert wooden dowel into the holes you just poked and glue it to the sides with a 1 ¾” gap

Step 6: Reinforce Dowel Ends

Poke holes into the center of (4) 1”x1” square cardboard pieces, put (2) square pieces on the ends at the top of the base stand arms

Step 7: Connect Arms

Poke a hole on the end of each 12”x2.5” arm, slide arms onto the end of the wooden dowel connected to the base stand arms. Slide (2) 1”x1” squares over the ends of the wooden dowel and glue it

Step 8: Poke Holes for Arm Dowel

Cut the corners off the edge of the arms, poke a hole on the center of each end of the arms about ¼” from the edge

Step 9: Construct Scooper

Make the scooper: fold 6.5”x4” cardboard piece around the (2) 4”x2.5” cardboard pieces and glue it all together, let the glue cure

Step 10: Make Scooper Arm Connector

Make a trifold on the 3.5”x2.5” cardboard piece, glue the center fold to the end of the scooper you just made and poke a hole on each outside fold in the center

Step 11: Attach Scooper to Arm

Attach the trifold of the scooper to the end of the arms with a wooden dowel, glue a 1”x1” square cardboard piece to each end of the arm

Step 12: Lengthen Syringe End Area

Cut a popsicle stick in half, glue one half of the popsicle stick to the end of a syringe

Step 13: Attach Syringe to Base Arm

Poke 4 holes for 2 zip ties to connect the syringe to the stand arms, connect the syringe with a popsicle stick on the end to a base arm and zip tie it using the holes you made. Cut the excess zip tie with a wire cutter or scissors

Step 14: Fill Syringe and Tubing With Water

Cut 2 feet of clear tubing off. Fill a new syringe and tubing with water and insert the tubing onto the end of the syringe. Try to avoid air bubbles as much as possible

Step 15: Complete Hydraulic System

Connect the syringe and tubing to the syringe connected to the base arm

Step 16: Connect Syringe to the Arm

Poke 4 more holes for 2 zip ties like step 13, but this time onto the end of the scoopers arm. Attach a new syringe to the scooper arm using 2 zip ties

Step 17: Finish Hydraulic

Repeat step 14 and connect this new syringe to the syringe located on the scoopers arm