Introduction: E.P.13S.K.G. (epicpenguin13's Small Knex Gun)

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This is my new knex gun. It shoots about 20 - 30 feet, depending on the rubberbands. It used to be a crossbow but it wasn't sturdy enough, so I changed it into a gun.


Piece efficient
Good range for what it is
True trigger
No modified pieces


Not too comfortable
Handle looks weird

UPDATE: My new handle (shown in pic 2) is much more comfy than the old one and it is advisable that you build this instead!

ANOTHER UPDATE: My even newer handle and ratchet system (shown in pics 3 and 4) is even better than the previous update and it is advisable that you build this instead!

Now, on with the building!

Step 1: The Barrel Front

This is the front of the barrel

Step 2: The Main Barrel

This is the main barrel. The bullet slides down this.

Step 3: The Trigger

This is the trigger and trigger mech.

Step 4: The Handle

This is the handle. It is a bit crappy so I would advise that you modify it.

Step 5: Assembly

This is the fun bit.

Step 6: Rubberband Placement

This is where you put the elastics

Step 7: Loading and Firing

How to load and fire.

Hook the top elastic band around the orange trigger connector, put the ammo in, and PULL THE TRIGGER!

Step 8: Finished!

Have fun with your gun!!

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