Introduction: ESL Class Game: "Remember Who Has What"

Great game to get young students practicing simple conversation such as "Do you have --- ?"

Step 1: Teach and Practise Content

Teach and practise your content. Ideally for this game you would teach "Do you have?" style questions and answers, such as "Do you have apples?", "Yes, I do / No, I don't". Other sentences can be fine too (such as "Do you like --- ?").

Step 2: Give Students One Flashcard Each

Give one flashcard to each student. Each student should sit on it if they are sitiing down or put it behind their back if standing up. (Note: You should write on the board what flashcards you have given out as you go or you may forget)

Step 3: Students Ask "Do You Have --- ?"

Teacher asks a student to find a certain card, the student tries to remember who had that card and will ask that student "Do you have --- ?". If they are correct they win points.