Introduction: ESP8266-12 Standalone Blynk Control Outlets Wireless 433 Mhz

This is my first project on instructable ...

This project uses ESP8266-12 to turn on and turn off wireless outlets, without any changes, using the app Blynk library Rc-switch

Step 1:

Step 2: Materials

ESP8266-12 or ( ESP8266-07 , ...., ESP8266-12e)

RF 433 MHz Transmitter

3 wirelless remote control outlets

antenna 433mhz ( )

Step 3: Software E Library

Step 4: Sketch

change the sketch in the following lines with your data:

  • char auth[] = "xxxxxxxxxx"; //insert here your token generated by Blynk app
  • Blynk.begin(auth, "ssid", "password"); //insert here your SSID and password
  • mySwitch.switchOn(1, 1); // insert here your code outlets

rc-switch (follow the prompts to set the transmission code of your outlets remote control)

Step 5: Connections


VCC +3,3v

CH-PD +3,3v (new version ESP8266-12e pin EN)

GND ground

GPIO15 ground

GPIO13 ---------- pin ATAD (transmitter 433mhz )

transmitter 433mhz

ATAD ----- GPIO13 (ESP8266-12)

VCC +5v

GND ground

Step 6: Thanks