Introduction: ET Dino Notebook

In this instructable you will learn how to make a notebook with a creative et dinosaur cover.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

For this project you will need: A notebook, thick basswood ply, hot glue, a photoshop app, a picture of a moon, a picture of trees, a miniature dinosaur image, a plain piece of paper and we are making the project on a glowforge laser cutter.

Step 2: Printing the Dinosaur

To complete this step you will need to find an image of a dinosaur that you like for the cover of the notebook. Once you have the image, you need to drag the image into glowforge and set the outline of the dinosaur to cut and the inside details to engrave.

Step 3: Etch the Design of Your Choice

For this step you have to pick a background that you want your little dino to go onto. When you have the picture drag it into photoshop and select what you want to use for the background. After you had selected the design for the background, drag the final photoshop look into glowforge and select engrave again. Also make sure that the thing that you are printing on is the cover of your notebook. Then simply click print!

Step 4: Glue Time!!

The next step, is to glue the dinosaur onto the etched background. To do this you will need to hot glue the dino and stick it onto the notebook.

Step 5: Polaroid Detail

This step is optional but we decided to make an outline of a polaroid on the cover to make it trendy and fun! All you need to do is cut a paper to fit the cover making it look like a polaroid image.

Step 6: Finally, ENJOY!

Finally, you may enjoy your newly and beautifully created notebook!