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For my Art A2 project I was experimenting with theatrical make-up for the first time. Whilst playing around with liquid latex, I picked up a spare taxidermy eye left over from making an Aslan mask for my school's Narnia play, stuck it on my hand, and... the rest is history. :)
I took photographs while making these to document on my A2 sheets, so I thought I would share them here as well.

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Step 1: Things Needed

- Taxidermy eye (I bought a pair off Taobao for 45RMB)

- Liquid Latex + an old, scruffy paintbrush you don't mind ruining, the latex will get caught between the bristles

- Dishwashing liquid (to coat the bristles of the paintbrush so the latex does not coagulate there)

- Tissue paper

- Skin Wax + skin wax modelling tool (a popsicle stick would work)

- Assorted body paints: Flesh tones, primary colors and shades (red, blue, yellow, black, white

Depending on the effect you want, you can use fake blood if you'd like. :-)

Step 2: Gluing Eye on Hand

IF YOU HAVE HAIR ON YOUR HAND, SHAVE IT OFF, otherwise it will hurt like heck when it comes to removal. Even the tiny hairs, you WILL feel it... (trust me, I know :P)

If you're using a paintbrush to brush on the liquid latex, make sure to regulary coat the bristles with dishwashing liquid and rinse it out every time you finish using the latex. That being said, it's probably easier to use a popsicle stick to apply the latex, but you're more likely to get sharp lines in your latex than you would with a brush.

Take some tissue paper and pull it apart so you have two thin layers of tissue. Rip up the edges so you don't have hard, sharp edges on the tissue. Take a piece slightly bigger than the circumference of the eye, place it on your hand and brush liquid latex on it.
Then, take your taxidermy eye, brush some latex on the back of it and stick it on your hand. If it doesn't lay flat, take some tiny bits of tissue and stuff them into the gap, covering it with latex. This will make a nice even base for your eye and secure it to your hand.

Step 3: Eyelid

Take a strip of tissue, fold one edge to create the eyelid, and stick it on your hand with the latex. Keep building up the eyelid until you reach your desired thickness. For a more realistic look, tuck the bottom eyelid under the upper eyelid. In my demonstration I started with the upper eyelid, but I suggest you start with the bottom eyelid to make things easier.

When finished, brush on a coat of liquid latex, to give it an even texture and added layer of protection.

Step 4: Painting - Base Coat

Using a large, brush, stipple on some flesh-toned paint matching the color of your hand.

As I am quite pale and of mixed descent, along with the flesh-toned color, I had to add some yellows and pale pinks to lighten it up as I am quite pale :P Caucasians might want to focus more on the pinks, darker-skinned folks might want to use browns and perhaps a hint of green. Don't be afraid to use "strange" colors in your palette. :)

Don't worry if you get paint on the taxidermy eye, just use a cotton bud dipped in baby oil to wipe it clean.

Step 5: Painting - Details

Now to get gory! *evil laugh*

Take some red and stipple it around the eye so it looks like it's swelling from the skin. We are going for an inflamed effect. Use blues and maroon to make "bruising" around the eye.
As you can see in my first picture, I made it a little too dark (it looks super cool in the photo, though!) so I lightened it up with flesh-toned paint. Try to get the dark reds in the cracks, it looks very dramatic if you do.
Use dark brown or black to outline the eyelid and to make shadows. Actually, if you really want to go for it, you could probably use some spirit gum and fake hair to make eyelashes. *shudders*
Finally, use a cotton bud dipped in baby oil to clean up the eyeball. You're done!

However you paint it is really up to you. I wasn't intending to make something incredibly realistic when I started making this; it was more of an experiment with theatrical make-up than anything else, so my painting may not be the most refined. Nevertheless I do hope you are inspired by what I've done here. Please do show me your creations!

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