Introduction: Earring Organizer From Empty Birth Control Container

This might be a uniquely me-issue, but I feel bad that birth control containers serve their purpose for three months or so and then are discarded. In this tutorial, you can upcycle a birth control container into a portable earring organizer.


- Empty birth control case

- Felt

- Card stock (optional)

- Glue

- Paintbrush

- Hot glue gun + glue sticks

- Superglue

- Paint (optional)

- Ribbon or cord (optional)

- Dremel drill + cutting disk

- File

Step 1: Remove Plastic Sleeves

This step is pretty straight forward. Gently push on each "page" to remove the plastic pill sleeves. These can then be discarded.

Step 2: Cut Out the Center of the Pages

Using a Dremel drill and a cutting disk, carefully cut out the middle of the first two pages.

Step 3: File Any Rough Edges

Carefully file any rough edges left by the Dremel drill. If you want to paint your organizer, this is the step to do it. I would suggest using spray paint for plastic.

Step 4: Glue the Pages Together

Using superglue, glue the bottom page to the bottom of the container. Glue the two pages that you cut the center out of as well. This should create a shallow box.

Step 5: Line the Edges of the Box

This step is optional. I found that cutting a strip of cardstock and hot gluing it around the inside perimeter of the box made it easier to arrange the felt inside it.

Step 6: Cut the Felt Into Strips

Cut a sheet of felt into 1/2 inch strips. Cut these strips into sections that are 2 3/4 inches long. These strips should fit neatly into the box.

Step 7: Fill the Box

Cut enough felt strips to fill the container. The strips should be packed very close together.

Step 8: Glue the Felt Strips Down

Apply a generous amount of glue and spread it around the bottom of the container.

Step 9: Add the Felt Strips

Stick the felt strips vertically into the box. I would recommend stacking 3 to 5 strips and then pressing them into the glue.

Step 10: Press the Felt Strips Into Place

Once all of the felt strips are in the container, firmly press them into the glue. Make sure the felt strips are even and standing up nice and straight. Let the glue dry for a day.

Step 11: Decorate

I painted my box black, added a black cardstock cover, and some decorative cord.

Step 12: Add Your Earrings

This holder can hold a surprising amount of earrings. I removed the backings off of the earrings before putting them in the organizer. You can leave the backings on, but it's a little bit more difficult to place them in and less fit inside. Enjoy your new earring organizer!

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