Introduction: Earth - Friendly Organizer

The Earth-Friendly Organizer involves the following materials and supplies .

- 5 Glass Jars

- 5 Different paint colors ( Optional )

- Metal bowl

- Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue

- Wooden cutting board

- Paint Brushes

and those are the supplies we will need to make this Organizer .

Step 1: Glass Jars

Start your craft of by taking the lid of your jars . To do this you have to squeeze the top off the ring which is located around the jar . Next you have to remove the little ring off of the big ring and last slide the big ring off and your left with the jar . Don't worry if you cant understand the instruction's every jar is different , you will figure it out along the way .

Step 2: Paint

Next go ahead and start painting your jars it will take 2-3 coats to get a solid color if you want you can keep the jar clear but for this craft I have painted my jars .

Step 3: Sticking Down

After that you need to take your metal bowl and your glass jars and glue then down to your wooden board , and once placed down hold down for 20 seconds so you can get a good grip between the board and the bowl and glass .

Step 4: Grip

Safety is keen when crafting and we don't want to end up with broken arms and legs . Anyways we want to put little dots of glue on the base of our organizer so it doesn't slide around .

Step 5: We Are Done

Congratulations you have finished you Earth Friendly Organizer . Tell me how it went in the '' I Made It '' section down below .