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So, it started about 6-7 months ago when I decided to buy a pen for my boss whom I respect and admire very much. After making a few disappointing purchases, I expressed my dissatisfaction to the last seller because the pen was obviously slapped together with nicks on the finished body. The reply from the seller was, “maybe you need to make your own”.

Well, I took the advice and ran with it. While waiting for the pen hardware to arrive, several hours of reading and watching a few videos gave me the basic concept of the process of pen making. Just like any new endeavor, one must mentally accept the initial failures as learning opportunities and the art of pen making proved to be no exception. After making a few flawless pens, I came to the realization that regardless of the shape; the wood parts just didn’t turn me on; every one of them looked, well, unexciting. Eventually, I decided to try something new and started making a few pens that I now call “earth pens”. I have searched the internet to see if anyone else has used these concepts to make pens and have come empty handed. If there are pen makers that make similar pens like these, my apologies in advance for taking credit for something someone else had discovered. This instructables is presenting you with some of the many methods I use in creating my “earth pens”.

Step 1: The Art of Pen Making

You can watched the video to learn the process.

Step 2: What You Will Need.

Obviously, you will need a lathe. I purchased mine from HF with a two years replacement for parts. The squaring box is optional but it can save you some time marking the center of your blank for you. It is also a handy tool to find the center of any dowel; just hold it firmly against the edge and tap it and you have your centers marked.

Next is something to hold your square blanks while you do your drilling for the tube inserts. Be sure to hold the blank firm enough so it doesn't jump out and lose enough so the drill press can cut the circle at a 90 degree.

The next step is to square the ends.

I really can't add any more description to this process but I really encourage you to start with some cheap hardware to start with until you get a hang of what to do. Give me a shout if I can help you succeed in making these "earth pens"

Thank you


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