Introduction: Easy 8 Volt 1 Amp Pocket Power Supply

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Voltage regulators are used to get a stable voltage output.

Voltage regulator ICs usually come in TO-220 and TO-92 packages.

You can use the same schematic with a 5V regulator too.

Step 1: Get the Parts


1. 8V regulator IC

This is the main part of the project. You should be able to find one at your electronics store, but you can also get it online.

The code is usually "LM 7808" or something similiar. As far as i know, the "78" series ICs are voltage regulators. The next to digits are the voltage,in this case 8V. A 5V regulator will thus have a code 7805.

2.The capacitors

You need two of these.

It is proffered if they are ceramic disk capacitors, but electrolytic work equally good. The only down side(of electrolytic caps) is that they are polarized, which means that they have a positive and negative pin, unlike ceramic disk caps.

The value doesn't have to be precise, but i have used a 0.1uF(micro farads)ceramic disk capacitors. i have tried with .22 uF and 10uF(electrolytic) as well, and they all work equally good.

(i chose to go with 0.1 uF because i needed the other ones for a different project)

-the code for 0.1uF is 104

-the code for 0.22 uF is 224

the value will be written on a electrolytic capacitor.

3.Perf board

Not necessary if you are building it on a bread board, but used one because i will be using the regulator for other projects.

Step 2: Assemble the Circuit

You may want to assemble it in a bread board first, for testing.

Start with the regulator. have the text on the regulator face you. The pins from left to right are ,Input+, common ground(negative), and output +.

Once you're completed assembling the circuit, solder two wires to the centre negative pin, and one wire each to the two positive pins.(refer picture if you're confused)

Step 3: Decoration(OPTIONAL)

Cut the perf board to size using a saw or a utility blade.

Get a match box or similar sized box to house your circuit.

use double sided tape to secure the circuit to the inside of the box.

use tape to decorate it.

Feel free to comment and point out mistakes if any.

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