Easy Access Lotion Container

Introduction: Easy Access Lotion Container

This innovated lotion container will allow you to obtain lotion from the bottom of the bottle with no struggle!

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. A jar with a lid

2. A plastic cup

3. Scissors

4. Hot glue gun

5. A lotion pump

6. Lotion

7. 2 paper clips

8. String

Step 2:

Spread all your materials out and plug in your hot glue gun so it can heat up.

Step 3:

You will need to unscrew the lid of the jar. My "jar" is actually a kid's sippy cup from the Dollar Tree. The plus side of using this cup is that it already had a hole going through the lid, therefore I did not have to drill a hole myself. Although if you are using a jar with no hole going through the middle of the lid, then you must drill a hole through the middle.

Step 4:

Secondly, you will want to cut the plastic cup, as shown in the picture, to a smaller size. I cut the plastic cup close to the bottom. Make sure the plastic cup can fit the jar before. I bought this plastic cup in a pack of 9 at the Dollar Tree.

Step 5:

Afterward, cut the lotion pump to the size of your jar. When cutting, make sure you cut at an angle so lotion can go up the pump. Then slide the lotion pump through the hole on the lid. You are going to want to glue the lid and lotion pump together with the hot glue gun to keep them from moving. If you are confused, look a the picture of the next step.

Step 6:

Next, undo each paper clip so they become a straight line. Glue one paper clip on one side of the plastic cup you cut earlier and repeat on the next side. Secondly, glue a piece of string at both ends of the paper clips. Glue these strings to the straw of the lotion pump. Make sure the straw of the lotion pump does not make direct contact with the plastic cup. This will determine where to glue the strings on the straw. Note that the paper clips r not touching the straw of the lotion pump.

Step 7:

Next, place the lotion pump lid you have created in the jar. Fill the jar with some lotion. Try to put the lotion manly on the plastic cup inside. Finally, screw on the lid.

Step 8:

Enjoy your new and improved lotion bottle. This new lotion bottle is easy to make and will allow u to get lotion from the bottom of the bottle without a struggle!

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