Introduction: Easy Amblyopia Eye Patch - and Teaching Kids Money Saving

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Kids with amblyopia (lazy eye condition) typically use sticky eye patches daily. They work fine, and are not expensive per piece, but as all those everyday expenses the costs add up over time. I wanted to take advantage of this fact, as a way to teach my son the benefits of saving money, and show him that small money does, in fact, add up over time.

To do this, we made a deal that the money saved from using a low cost alternative [to regular sticky eye patches], will be his to use to buy anything he wanted. Every day that he uses a free alternative, a pair of coins are added to his piggy bank.

Also, if he wants to, he can still use the ready-made eye patches with cartoon animals etc, but so far he never chose this instead of our home made eye patches - probably a sign that they are comfortable to use.

First we tried reuseable pirate-style patches, and those that are attached to the glasses. They did not work for him - they were either too uncomfortable or he looked "around" the obstacle.

So I invented a super easy and almost free type of sticky eye patch, that he now use every day. Hope you enjoy it!


Medical tape, a pair of scissors.

You want the kind of medical tape that doesn't stick too hard to the skin, like 3M Micropore or equivalent. Link:

Step 1:

Step 2: Cutting Off a Piece of Medical Tape

Be sure to have clean hands before starting.

Then start with cutting off a piece of tape that is slightly longer than the eye patch you want to make.

Step 3: Making an Eye-lash Protection

Cut off a small piece of the tape, and attach it in the center of the eye patch.

It doesn't need to cover all eye-lashes completely, since the tape used is not designed to stick very hard.

Step 4: Ready to Use

It should look something like this.

Step 5: Attach the Eye Patch

Pretty self-explanatory I think. I find it easiest to start attaching it on the nose ridge, then gently pressing it down as it sticks to the skin in the corner of the eye, leaving no air pockets.

Step 6: Buy Something Nice for the Savings?!

My son bought this Jurassic World Lego kit entirely from savings received from using home made eye patches! Pretty cool, right?!