Introduction: Easy Arizona Bolo Tie

This is a simple project you can do in less than an hour but looks great and is easily modified!
Also this is my first instructable so let me know of any changes or fixes I should make.

Step 1: Round Up Yer' Fixin's(Gather Materials)

The materials for this are fairly simple and easy to find. You will need:

A belt with hardware you like( try thrift stores or relatives)
A cheap picture hanging kit with small wall hooks(got mine from a dollar store)
Jute, hemp or paracord rope.
Leather lace
Super Glue or other trustworthy strong metal bonding glue

Step 2: Load Yer Weapons(Gather Tools)

The tools required are equally as simple and easy to find. You will need:

Small needle nose pliers
Utility knife

Step 3: Removing the Hardware

Firstly take your belt, and depending on your preferences you will need to remove the metal tongue on the one end of the belt, this will become the "knot". Since I wasn't planning on using the leather belt afterwards I chose to cut a slit through the belt in order to pull the hardware off the belt like a button up shirt. After that I used pliers to pop off the round head of the rivet.

Step 4: Pick Your Bolo Slide

This is probably the most complicated part of the bolo. Choose a picture hook that can fit the rope through if it slips in the folded over section. You also want this to be concealed behind the hardware you picked. Keep in mind the hook will be slightly smaller than it is originally once the slide is finished.

Step 5: Make Your Bolo Slide

With your needle nose pliers bend the "hook" part of the picture hook so it looks similar to the other end. If this is confusing reference the photos! Afterwards it should look like a pair of glasses.

Step 6: Secure the Slide

With the glue of your choice secure the "Bolo Slide" on the back of the hardware. Follow the directions on the package and be careful.

Step 7: "Tie" It All Together

Cut your rope to your desired length and thread the two "eyes" with it. Leave a large enough loop so it fits over your head easily. Tie two knots on the tage ends of the rope or attach whats know as bolo tips(easily bought online).

And your done!!!!

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