Introduction: Easy Awesome (ceiling/table) Lamp!!

About: An Architect who loves building stuff!!

Its one of the most amazing lamp I made. Its very easy and the effect of light is just amazing!

But i lost all the photos I clicked of the process! [my phone got stolen :`( ]

So I made a 3d to explain the process! :)

I hope you guys like it! and if you do Please Vote!!!! :)))

Step 1: Things Needed!

1. Plywood 4mm

2. Threads (single colour/ multiple colours)

3. Laser Machine

Optional Black paint

Step 2: Laser Cutting!

Use the file and cut the pieces from a wooden ply in laser machine.

i cut the base twice and stick them together to give it more thickness!!

Step 3: Paint (optional)

I painted the pieces in black. Its upto your taste!

Arrange all pieces from big to small to make things easy!

Step 4: Assembleee!!!

Assemble all the pieces as in image! from big to small and small to big!!

Step 5: Thread!!

Now pass the thread from last hole to first hole of the adjacent arm you can continue the thread along all the arms.


Use as many colours as you want of one!

Step 6: Tada Its Done!!!

Put it on a lamp or hang it on ceiling as you want!!!!!!!!

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