Introduction: Restaurant Style Tandoori Naan Without Tandoor!!!!!

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Naan is basically fresh flatbread made in brick tandoor and it is awesome!!! The only problem is everyone doesn't have this tandoor at home and during this time if you want to eat it at home, there's a quick hack to it.

Another thing, you can also put stuffing inside like cheese and garlic or potatoes or meat, etc. Let us get to it already...


For approx 12 naans

1. Refined flour ( approx 1/3 cup per naan)

2. salt 1tbsp

3. Yoghurt 300gm

4. Butter or Ghee or Garlic Butter or Herb Butter

5. Sesame seeds (optional)

6. Water

7. Rolling Pin

8. Pan

Step 1: Making Dough....

Mix flour and salt, and add yoghurt to it and start mixing it. And once everything looks mixed start kneading it, the more time you spend kneading it, the better dough you get, if the dough feels hard then add some water to it, consistency should be firm and soft.

Step 2: Let It Rest...zzzzz....

At least wait for an hour, best would be 5 to 6 hours for perfect dough. Cover it with a slightly damp cloth.

Step 3: Some More Kneading......

(I only waited an hour.)

Now you will have a smooth awesome dough.

Step 4: Make Small Balls...

Step 5: Roll It Out.....

Throw some dry flour so it's not sticking. Try for a circle or oval shape or well whatever shape :)

Don't make it too thin, approx 3mm thick.

I rolled all of them at once because I am gonna cook them outside ( my gas stove is outside on the terrace).

Step 6: Preparation Before Cooking.....

So now we are going to need some butter, sesame or not, water. So the idea is to stick the naan on the pan for this we will need to apply some water on the backside.

so put some butter and sesame seeds on one side and with wet fingers apply some water on the other side.

Step 7: Stick It to the Pan!

Heat the pan for around 5 to 10 min before making the first naan. Put it on the pan and press it with fingers so it's stuck otherwise it will fall off.

Step 8: Upside Down!

Make the pan upside down so naan is facing the fire. Keep an eye that it's not burning.

Step 9: Turn Back Up! Put It on Flame and Done!!!!!

Once it's cooked turn it around and rotate the naan. And then put it directly on the flame for some seconds. Makes it Yummy and Brown!

Apply some more butter and eat and enjoy and please vote!!! :D :D

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