Introduction: Easy But Fancy Scarf

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A friend of mine pinned a guide on how button placement can give a rectangular scarf different looks and I liked this idea. So I made myself a scarf.

It is a fun small project, suitable for people who are just learning how to sew.

Can't find the damn pin anywhere, will add a link once found

Step 1: Prepair Materials


  • Lining fabric (i've used fleece)
  • Top fabric
  • cord
  • big button
  • thread to match fabric
  • optional: leather (scraps)


  • Sewing scissors with sharp points
  • pins
  • tape measure or ruler
  • chalk pen
  • optional cardboard template

Cut the fabric to the right size 35cm x 150cm

I used a cheap ikea plaid as the outer fabric and could just follow the lines. If you pick a different print it is worth making a template in cardboard and draw it on using dressmakers chalk.

If you have a fabric that frays, use the zig zag stitch along the edge to prevent this.

Step 2: Sew

Pin the lining on top of the top fabric, good sides together. Pin each of the four corners then pin all the way round at regular intervals.

Tip: If you want you can place the cord loop in the seam, this makes the project simpler. Also if you picked a button you’ll have to sew onto your fabric (rather than one on a cord like mine) this makes sense.
Just cut a piece long enough to fit over your button and pin it with the loop to the inside. Sew over this part carefully with a small stitch length.

Sew along all edges, leaving about 15 cm open along the long side.

Cut the corners making sure you stay on the outside of the stitches.

Turn the scarf inside out by reaching into this gap you've left, grabbing the ends of the scarf, and pulling it out of the gap.

Sew the open end shut with a neat ladder stitch

Step 3: Button

I used leather for a nice detail (which turned out almost as much work as the entire scarf) cut in a rounded triangular shape.
Then I frayed the cord, and glued it to the back of the leather. One with a button attached and one without.

The best way to sew the leather to the scarf is using 2 needles, this way you do not have to go back and forth, one comes up trough a (pre made) hole and one goes down.

Or if you picked a button to sew to the fabric try the scarf on to determine ideal placement and sew it on.

Now your scarf is finished to keep you warm and fashionable.
I hope you enjoyed this project and would love to see pictures if you decide to make one.

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