Introduction: Easy Cardboard Mini Skee Ball

Cardboard created mini Skee Ball game, created easily in under an hour with minimal supplies. Fun for kids and adults!


- Scissors or box cutter

- Three square feet of cardboard

- Tape

- Marker

- Small ball (golf ball or similar)

Step 1: Initial Cuts and Score Markers

Cut the following:

- Two 20"x10" pieces of cardboard.

- One 2"x15" piece of cardboard.

- One 2"x12" piece of cardboard.

Draw the circles and scores 20, 15, 10 in order starting from the first circle.

Step 2: Tape Semi Circles and Cut Holes.

- Cut three holes just large enough that the ball you will be using can fit through.

- Tape the previously cut cardboard as semi-circles

Step 3: Add the Ramp

- Tape the second 10x20 piece of carboard onto the first, creating the ramp that the ball will travel on.

- Don't tape the very top of the second piece of cardboard and instead bend the top back to create a ramp that the ball will travel on.

Step 4: Add Walls As Support and to Keep the Ball In

- Cut two 10X15 pieces of card board and tape them as walls to the initial piece of cardboard on the end that has the score holes.

- Tape the first piece of cardboard at about a 35 degree angle.

Step 5: Add Support to the Walls

- Cut a 10"x10" piece of card board.

- Tape this underneath the main board to act as a support to the walls.

- Cut a 2"x2" hole toward the top, this will later allow the duct that carries the ball back to the player.

Step 6: Cut Down the Sides and Add Shielding

- Cut 3" wide pieces of car board and tape it around the exposed top portion of the board, this serves as a shield to keep the ball in the game.

- Cut the walls at an angle leaving 3" walls on the sides.

Step 7: Create the Duct for the Ball

A duct underneath the board will allow the ball to travel back after being thrown.

- Bend a 4"x30" in half hotdog style to create a long duct with about a 45 degree angle.

Tip : if you have a box cutter you can cut half way through the carboard to make the bend cleaner.

Step 8: Add the Duct

- Tape the duct underneath the board so that it lines up underneath the holes and extends to the front of the table.

Step 9: Add Support to the Front

- Cut two 3"x8" pieces of cardboard and tape them to the sides in the front of the table.

- Cut one 10"x5" piece of cardboard and tape it to the front of the board, acting as support to the front and side front walls.

-Cut another 2"x2" hole in the middle on the top of the front of the board allowing the duct to line up with the hole.

Step 10:

Step 11:

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