Easy Christmas Wreaths

Introduction: Easy Christmas Wreaths

Making a lovely Christmas wreath at home is very easy and you only need a few supplies:

  • Wire coat hangers
  • Cedar and Pine branches
  • Pine Cones
  • Wide Red Velvet Ribbon
  • Flexible Craft Wire
  • Pliers, Scissors and Pruning Shears
  • Optional: short string of white lights

Gather pine cones, cedar branches and pine or spruce boughs from outdoors and salvage a number of old, plain wire coat hangers that you don't want to use for clothing anymore.

Start by stretching each coat hanger into a circular shape using your hands. First pull it out from every angle, starting at the bottom and then straighten out or push in the two sides before going around the entire circle again, bending the wire into the right shape for the finishing touches. Don't worry about being exact because the boughs or cones will obscure all the flaws.

Step 1: Pine/Cedar Boughs

Remove any cones beforehand and set aside to make a separate wreath with or use to decorate/garnish the finished product later on.

Start with a single piece and work around the circle of the coat hanger, affixing the pine, spruce or cedar branch with small lengths of thin, flexible craft wire. Continue until you have gone full-circle and repeat the process if your wreath looks skimpy when you're done.

Optional: use pliers to twist the hook of your coat hanger into a smaller loop to accommodate different ways of hanging it.

Wrap the wreath in red velvet ribbon and tie a bow at either the top or bottom of the circle.

Step 2: Cones

Wrap lengths of wire around each cone and affix to the coat hanger. You can also use a single piece of wire for many cones; wrap one cone and twist wire around wire, adding cones and twisting the thin craft wire around the coat hanger until you run out of either wire or cones.

Once you have made a complete circle, wrap a short string of white lights around the wreath, trying to conceal most of the wire between the cones. Add a bow and test the lights.

Step 3: Display

Hang your wreaths on display - doors, gates and posts work well.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas everyone!

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