Introduction: Easy Coat Hanger Space Saver

About: Tips and tricks! Saving you money, space, and methods to do it yourself!
What you will need is, a two coat hangers, one or two pop can tab(s), and a crammed coat rack!

Step 1: Pop Can Tabs

First you will take your pop can tabs and feed the smaller hole thought the hook of the coat hanger leaving it hanging to one side.

Step 2: Piggy Back Time

Attach a new coat hanger to the other end of the pop tab. The clothes attached to this are usually shorter in length so it does not touch the floor. Leaving your coat rack evenly spaced so nothing is falling off.

Step 3: Hang It Up

Hang your space saving hanger on the rack and its good to go!

Step 4: Other Uses

You can use this method to hang outfits instead of trying to fit more than one shirt or top on a hanger. Specialty hangers for pants or other items may also go with this instructable making it easier to find your favourite outfits! Enjoy ~ Do It Yourself!