Introduction: Easy College Beer Pong Table

We've all seen the stuff that college students throw out before summer- couches, mattresses, lamps, etc. If you happen to find a bookshelf and an ironing board, you can turn that junk into a solid beer pong table for your own apartment.

I put together two different tables through college, and I'll show you how to make your own.

Step 1: Materials

Walk around the college apartments around May and June when students are moving out.

Find yourself these:

1. Ironing board
-Collapsible andn can be raised to table height

2. Bookshelf panel
- Standard BP table is 8' x 2', but as long as you can fit a row of 4 cups side by side on the width side you should be good. Take off one of the panels/boards of a bookshelf that looks like it would make a good table top

Buy these:

3. Wood screws
- screws that can just go into the board, size length is long enough to go into the shelf, but not too long as to penetrate all t

4. Washers
- sized for the screws, I used washers because I had extras lying around

Step 2: Assembly

1. Positioning - Place your ironing board centered on the bookshelf panel so that when the legs are extended, the cross section in directly underneath the center of the board.

2. Attaching - Screw in screws through the ironing board into the bookshelf panel, using a washer between the screw head and ironing board to better hold onto the board. Wood screws should go straight into the panel without needing to pre- drill any holes. Do this along the border of the ironing board to securely hold it in place.

As the

Step 3: Play

As the table is collapsible, it is easy to close to store, or open up to play. Flip over your new beer pong table, fix the height to a normal table or 28" for a standard BP table.

Crack open some beers, place your cups, and get some BP going.