Introduction: Firehose Plant Holder

If you ever want to add some green to your life and have a spare firehose lying around, this project is for you!

I've had a firehose lying around as an emergency fire escape rope, but I realized it was just taking up space and wanted to use at least some of it on an everyday practical level. My parents are into the whole plants and succulents lifestyle and so made one of these plant holders with the firehose for them.

Step 1: Materials

To embark on this journey, you will need:

  • At least 9"s of a firehose
  • Ruler
  • Pen or something to mark
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine ( or sewing kit for the traditional)
  • Grommet kit with grommets
  • Hammer
  • Pin
  • Soil/Succulents/Plants

Step 2: Firehose Preparation

For a three pocket plant holder these are the dimensions I used:

  1. Cut a strip of firehose about 9" long.
  2. Measure and mark three intervals of 2.75" to make up the pockets starting from the bottom. You will have a small section about .75" at the top which will be used for the grommet to hang the holder.
  3. Fold the hose in half and cut at each mark about three quarters of the width. These cuts allow for the pocket to open up and hold soil/succulents while also keeping the entire holder intact.
  4. At the top cut away the excess to create a flap shaped anyway as long as you can fit a grommet there.

That wasn't too bad, huh. Now it's time to sew 'er up!

Step 3: Sewing Pockets

This part is pretty straightforward- simply sew the bottom of each pocket shut! Make sure that if the holder is oriented with the grommet hanging flap at the top, you sew from the bottom and not the top of the pockets.

I highly recommend a sewing machine as it makes this ten times faster than hand sewing.. this is spoken from experience >.<

Step 4: Grommet

Gather yourself a grommet kit from your local arts and crafts or fabric store as you can usually find a 40% off coupon for most of them. But I also understand that Amazon is amazing, especially with prime.

Anyways, follow the grommet installation instructions, you'll need a hammer to install the grommets and pop one into the flap at the top of the holder.

For aesthetic reasons, be sure to orient the larger grommet piece which will show a single smooth face facing the front of the holder. If you mix it up, no biggie, people won't even notice and only you will know.

Step 5: Plant and Enjoy!


Get some soil and succulents/small plants and plant them in each pocket. Stick a pin in the wall, hang 'er up, and enjoy the increased nature levels in your house.

These make for great gifts and are pretty simple to make after you get the first one down.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You can add as many or as little pockets as you want. Have fun with it!
  • Experiment with pocket sizes depending on your plants
  • Firehoses have a waterproof lining (duh), but the sewn bottoms aren't :/ If you want to completely waterproof your holder, add some silicone or other water sealant get to the bottom of each pocket after you sew it shut, or even do it right before you sew.

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable, and if you did go upcycle some firehoses and add some life to them :D

Thanks for reading!