Introduction: Easy Construction Paper and Pipe Cleaner Flower

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This Instructable is for the Singer Kids Craft Contest. I chose to enter this instructable because it is very easy and kids can use their imajinations to change the looks of the flowers. It takes about 3 minutes per flower and you can make a whole bunch in no time at all! Makes a great Mothers Day present!

Step 1: Materials

To make the Construction Paper and Pipe Cleaner Flowers, you will need:


-A Pen

-Construction Paper

-A Green Pipe Cleaner

-A Hole Punch

Step 2: Making Purple Petals...

Draw some rounded tear drop shapes on your Construction Paper.

Step 3: Cutting Carfully...


Now just cut out those founded teardrops.

Step 4: Punching Holes...

Use the Hole Punch and punch a hole at the bottom of each rounded teardrop that will very soon become a petal.

Step 5: Stringing on the Petals...

String the petals onto the Pipe Cleaner.

Step 6: Bending...

Bend above and below the petals so that they will stay.

Step 7: All Done / Other Ideas...

Now that your flower is finished, go and make tons more! Other Ideas:

>use different coloured constuction papers on the same flower

>Doodle on blank white paper and make petals out of that

>put glue on the petals to make them shiney

>add leaves

>Put a nice friendly Pipe Cleaner Caterpillar on the stem.

>For even more fun, make with felt or another fabric and sew it toghether!!!!!

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