Easy DIY Camera Crane Jib




Introduction: Easy DIY Camera Crane Jib

You start your youtube channel, and you don't have a lot of money, but you still need equipment to film your videos. Because my channel is about DIY, why not build my own gear. This camera crane jib is very useful. You can film greats shots and it's faster than a tripod to adjust the height of the camera. It costed me around 35$ (USD) to build it. I've built this jib crane based on several homemade designs i saw online, and tried to make a clear tutorial on how to built it.

Step 1: Materials Needed


  • (1x) ¾" - ¾" - 47"
  • (1x) ¾" - ¾" - 34"½
  • (1x) ¾" - ¾" - 7"


  • (2x) 1" - 1" - 6"
  • (3x) 1" - 1" - 3"


  • (1x) 2"¾ x 3"

BOLTS AND NUTS (1/4-20 Thread) :

  • (2x) ¾"
  • (2x) 1"½
  • (2x) 2"
  • (2x) 3"
  • (8x) ¼-20 Nylon Locknuts
  • (16x) 1/4 Nylon Washers
  • (1x) ¼-20 Furniture T-Nut


  • (2x) 2.5LBS weight
  • (1x) ¼-20 x 2" bolt and ¼-20 nut
  • (1x) ¼-20 thread plastic knob

I used the imperial system for this build.

Step 2: Making Holes Into Aluminium Tubing

All holes need to be perpendicular to the aluminium square channel. Use a drill press for better results. Here's the distance of the holes from the right edge.

Next, drill holes into the aluminium corners.

Step 3: Assembling

Step 4: Add the Counterweight

Now that the assembly is done, you will need to find the right spot for the counterweight. Don't forget to add all your equipment on the opposite side.

Drill a hole and add the bolt, then add the counterweight and your crane jib is almost over.

Step 5: Sample Shot

Last step, make a sample shot. Make sure it's smooth, that the bolts and nuts are not too tight. You can see an example shoot on my youtube video tutorial?.

Thanks for reading/watching . If you like my work please give a like ? and subscribe for more ?

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Where did you get all the materials from? Also, can I purchase an eight-foot section of square aluminum tubing and cut it into the correct size pieces (and do the same with the angled pieces)?


    Question 2 years ago on Step 5

    What drill bit did you use on the job arm?


    5 years ago

    this is an excellent project! thank you.. i like this because i can tweak your design for other uses.. one use i am thinking of is a tablet / monitor mount.. again thank you for the basic idea :)

    Awesome build! It looks nice and sturdy.

    I was looking for a diy camera jib a while back, but everything I found was too expensive. I like how you were able to make yours for 35 dollars.