Easy DIY PVC Fishing Rod Holder & Organizer for Storage




Introduction: Easy DIY PVC Fishing Rod Holder & Organizer for Storage

Become the Ultimate DIY Hunter & Fisherman!

What we'll need: six T pieces of PVC, four corner pieces of PVC, ten foot long PVC pipe (we used 1.25" PVC pipe), PVC pipe glue, a saw

  1. Cut ten, four inch, pieces out of your ten foot PVC pipe
  2. Cut six, eight inch, pieces out of your PVC pipe (it will now be shorter than 10 feet)
  3. Organize all of your PVC pipe you now have pieced out in different shapes and sizes (including your connector pieces)
  4. Use your four inch PVC pipe pieces along with your T and corner connectors to create a rectangle. There will be two T pieces on two of the sides and one T piece on each of the other (shorter) sides. Face the empty how of the T piece up, as this is what will help hold your fishing rods
  5. Now that you know everything fits the way it should, feel free to glue this base rectangle together
  6. Place the eight inch PVC pieces into the top of the T connectors, glue them in, and you're ready to store your fishing rods and stay organized at the same time!!

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    6 years ago

    I'm thoroughly amused every time I see one of your videos! :)

    The Sticks Outfitter
    The Sticks Outfitter

    Reply 6 years ago

    Glad you find our videos helpful AND entertaining!