Introduction: Easy Designer Pencil Can

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Choose your favorite fabric to make a designer pencil can from an empty tin can. All you need is an empty can (I used a 10 oz can in this instructable, but larger sizes also work well), a small piece of fabric and glue.

Step 1: Measure Can and Cut Fabric

  1. Remove label from can and wash thoroughly.
  2. Measure the circumference of the can, and add 1 1/2". For my 10 oz can, this came to 10".
  3. Measure height of can and add 2". For my can, this came to 5 1/2".
  4. Cut fabric rectangle to size, ensuring edges are straight - I cut a 10" X 5 1/2" rectangle for my 10 oz soup can.

Step 2: Apply Glue to Fabric and Attach to Can

  1. Apply glue (I used all purpose white glue) all along one of the short edges of the fabric on the wrong side of the fabric, then fold about 5/8" down to create a finished edge. The glue will hold the edge down.
  2. Apply glue around all edges of the fabric rectangle (on the wrong side of fabric), and put some lines of glue across the whole width of the fabric.
  3. Position the unfinished short edge of the fabric on the can, with the fabric starting just above the lower rim. There should be a small amount of metal rim showing at the bottom of the can, around 1/8".
  4. Continue rolling the fabric onto the can, pushing down to ensure it is staying in place and going on evenly. The last part to go down will be the finished edge, which should cover the unfinished short edge you first glued down.
  5. The fabric will extend over the top of the can. Push this fabric to the inside, positioning it so that it lies smoothly against the can, and adding more glue if needed to keep it in position.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Designer Pencil Can!

Fill your personalized designer pencil can with cool stuff and enjoy!.

You can organize your space by creating different cans for different materials, for example, paintbrushes, highlighters, Sharpies, pencils, pens, sewing notions, scissors and rulers, etc. Each category can have its own designer can!

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