Introduction: Easy Doc Ock Costume

About: Just an accumulation of DIY projects made with/for my son!

The three things I had to purchase for this costume were:

1) 2 thin pool noodles (if you can, getting silver or grey pool noodles helps a lot!)

2) Small Scotch box

3) Spray paint

However, I also used:

4) Box cutter

5) Scissors

6) Duct tape

7) Blue painter's tape

8) Old goggles

9) Paint/ paint brush

10) Foil

11) Cardboard

12) A hot glue gun

Step 1: Spray

Spray your box and pool noodles with the first coat of spray paint.

Step 2: Cut and Insert

Cut holes into the sides of your box to insert pool noodles.

Inserting the pool noddles will slightly mess up the spray paint, but it's okay!

Step 3: Cut, Slide, and Bend

Cut the ends of the pool noodles into three's, and cut 12 segments of hanger.

Insert a piece of hanger into each cut noodle segment, and bend them outwards.

Step 4: Insert and Bend

Take a metal hanger, bend it into a line, and insert it into the middle of the pool noodle.

Then, you can bend the noodle into the shape you would like!

Step 5: Making and Connecting Straps

To make the straps, I cut segments of ribbon and placed duct tape over it (leaving room at the end of exposed ribbon).

Cut two slits at the top and two slits on the bottom of the box, and insert the exposed ribbon segments of the straps. Then, tape down the ribbon segments with duct tape inside of the box.

Step 6: Seal Box

Before sealing the box, I did a second coat of spray paint in a lighter shade of grey to add depth.

Next, I closed off the box on both sides using a hot glue gun.

Step 7: Making Buttons

First, I took some random cardboard and cut out the box shapes to use as a base.

I then took tin foil and wrapped the cardboard to fill out the shapes.

After spray painting them, I used the hot glue gun to connect them to the back of the box.

Step 8: Painting Buttons

Next, I took paint and painted on different buttons.

Step 9: Goggles

To make the goggles, I took a pair of extremely old goggles I had laying around.

I cut off the excess tongue of plastic after fitting them to my head, and then used painters tape inside and outside of the seeing part.

Lastly, I spray painted them.

Step 10: Ta-Da!

You have a quick, easy, and cheap Doc Ock costume!

All you have to do is pair it with a trench coat (I chose pink because 1) that's all I had, and 2) if my son was going to have me be Doc Ock, I was at least going to try to cuten it up a bit!), and you are good to go!