Introduction: Easy Duct Tape Flower Pen

Interested in jazzing up your office? Tired of people stealing your pen? We have the perfect project for you!


-A pen


-Duct Tape:

-Green for the stem

-Color of choice for flower

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials include:

-A pen


-Duct tape:


-A different color for your flower

Step 2: Creating the Stem

-To create the stem, cut a strip of green duct tape the length of the pen

-Wrap green duct tape strip around the pen, leaving the writing end exposed, but covering the length of the pen

-Cover your pen lengthwise in green duct tape, sticky side down

Step 3: Preparing the Petals

-Take the duct tape to create your flower and cut several 1-1/2 inch squares

-Lay strips in front of you, sticky side up

-Remember: petals can vary in size and number

Step 4: Folding the Petals

-To create your petals, fold the top right corner of duct tape to the middle of the square, leaving a sticky side at both the left hand side and the bottom

Step 5: Creating the Petal

-Fold the top left corner to the middle of the duct tape square aligned with the previously folded right hand corner, again leaving a sticky space at the bottom of the square

Step 6: Attaching Petal to the Stem

-Attach the petal to the base of the pen NOT WRITING END

Step 7: Creating the Flower

-Create the flower by attaching each petal to the base of the pen

-Repeat steps 3-5, wrapping each petal around the stem until your flower has reached desired size

Step 8: Forming the Leaf

-Cut another 1 inch square piece of green duct tape, leave sticky side up

Step 9: Step Nine: Forming the Leaf

-Repeat steps 3-4 to form leaf

Step 10: Step Ten: Attaching the Leaf

-Attach leaf two-inches below the flower

Step 11: Step Eleven: Finishing the Flower

-Wrap a thin strip of green duct tape around the pen to secure the petals and leaves into place to finish your stem

Step 12: Try Out Your Duct Tape Flower Pen!

-Enjoy your duct tape flower pen!

Step 13: