Easy Foam Rc Airplane



Introduction: Easy Foam Rc Airplane

About: Hello fellows...! I am Alaa , Mechanical Engineer and i love to do things on my own..! RC Airplanes , Boats and Hovercrafts. My YouTube channel is : Lebanon RC FaceBook : Alaa Hariri ( Aloova ) Lets Have fun…

Hello Fellows, this is my homemade RC airplane made of foam + balsa rods & carbon fiber tube to strengthen the wings.

Step 1: Foam Cutting by Hot Wire

The wing profile is Clark-Y airfoil

Step 2: Drilling the Wing to Install the Carbon Rod and Servos

Step 3: Landing Gear Made of Aluminum

Step 4: Covering the Wings With Laminated Plastic Hot Shrink

Step 5: 2 Mic on Board

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