Introduction: Easy Folding Tri-pod

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Thanks for taking a look at my instructible! This is my Easy Folding Tri-pod which is great for making clearer pictures and isn't impossibly difficult to make. It also folds for easier storage and when opened locks itself in the open position automatically!

That's a bit more commercial than usual maybe a little background will explain better.....

I actually got this idea from another instructable in the photography section about how to make it appear that you were flying. It was cool and inspiring, so I got out my camera and being cheap I set it on the table with a timer...... you get the picture. Anyway it ended up that I turned the camera just a little making the editing mission impossible. So I built this tri-pod so I could make pictures like in the other instructable. Funny how things go sometimes.

Anyway shall we start? 

Step 1: The Legs

Well as boring as it may be you got to start with structure. The legs are pretty simply built there can be more reinforcement in the legs if you prefer, but I was going for the least amount of pieces possible.

As far as the construction, you will need to start by creating half of the leg. I broke it down into thirds so it's easier to understand what it needs to look like. After you complete one side of the leg you need to snap in the blue rods that hold it together. Look at the image notes if you need reference about where they should be located.

After you finished this step, give yourself a pat on the back and repeat this step another two times!

Step 2: The Central Support

Now that you survived the Legs there is only smooth sailing from here. To start the main joint you will need either three ball socket conectors as shown or three joint connectors. Following the pictures is very important for this step, especially when this is bent into a triangle around the blue purple connector. Notice that there is only one black y clip snaped onto the blue rod while the other two are not. The other two should be touching the blue rods but not snapped in place!

After you finish the central triangle the rest is easy, just attach the (orange) gray rods and connectors to the triangle.

Step 3: The Top

Now it's time for the all important Top and camera mount. First a triangle is formed as shown, using either joint connectors or ball and socket connectors. Then, snap the after snapping together the white connectors as shown, snap the assembly to the bottom of the triangle. Next create the triangle like piece from a blue rod and red connectors and attach that to the bottom white connector.

Next comes the camera mount and remember if your camera isn't a Kodak easyshare C1450 or a Knex 200, this probably won't fit your camera. Just add pieces to the rectangular camera mount to restrict the bottom of your camera from moving. One more thing to check is that the camera mount does not interfere with the cameras retractable lens!

I would have shown you how to fit it, but I only have one camera...

Step 4: The Central Core

This is the easiest step so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Make sure to have a gray or some other connector handy for the assembly!

Step 5: The Assembly

Gather those legs you made earlier because that's what we're going to start with! First thing to do is attach the legs to the Top section by snapping the yellow rods to the gray connectors. Make that yours matches the pictures so your legs don't end up upside-down. After you have attached the legs lift the tripod up carefully until it stands on it's own.

Next you need to take the Central Support and snap the blue rods on the white connectors on each leg. Lastly make sure to attach the Central Core and thread it through the white connectors. Then snap the gray connector 9or the one connector you set aside) in between the white connectors.

Step 6: Finished!

Good Job! You have successfully completed your Easy Folding Tri-pod! To fold your Tri-pod just pull up on the central core until the gray rod pokes out of the top. Then pull from the top until the legs are in the folded position. To unfold simply hold it slightly above the ground and push the gray rod poking through the top down untill it is flush with the white connector.

  If you have any questions or something doesen't seem clear, send me a comment and I will help you out. I would also like to see your uses for it because it doesen't have to be just for camera's. Some ideas I had were a music stand and a bed side table.

Thanks for building and have fun with it!


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