Introduction: Easy Frozen Dog Treats

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This instructable is great to give your dog or puppy when they are being a pain,if it's a hot day or your just feeling generous and many other reasons.
This instructable is very simple but dogs love it, well my dog loves it. If your dog loves stuffing their face with food this is great for them because the treats are in the middle of the ice so they'll be working hard to get the treats out!
By the way with the container I think the size of the container depends on the dog like say if it was a King Charles spaniel I'd recommend one of those small containers and if it was a Great Dane I'd use one of those giant containers! :)
What you will need:
. Dry dog food
. Water
. Container

Step 1: Pouring in the Dog Treats

First take your container and fill it with treats,do not fill it to the top otherwise there will be no room for the water.
I Add a little less then 1 quarter of dog treats into the container.

Step 2: Pouring in the Water

Add tap water until the water reaches the half way line.
It does not matter is the dog treats float around, that's natural!

Step 3: Putting It in the Freezer

Now all you have to do is put it in the freezer and wait....
Check on it every some time to see if it's turned into ice yet(when I mean every some time I mean every couple hours!)
Warning: do not put in the fridge,if you then I won't freeze into ice!
If you don't need it when it's all set just keep it in the freezer until you want to give it to your dog or puppy! :)

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