Introduction: Easy Fur Animal Hood!

This is a simple sewing project that can be done with or without a sewing machine. Fabric measurements are for an adult hood, for a child you would likely need 1/2 yard (or less).

Do: Stay warm, fuzzy, and adorable.

Don't: Sweat the pattern or making anything perfect- any size or shape will work, it's all about what you want.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • Scissors or an exacto knife
  • 3/8 yard of faux fur tip: check your craft store's scrap bins for fur this size, it's usually half the price
  • 3/8 yard of fabric for lining
  • Needle & thread (matched to the liner fabric)
  • Pins
  • Broom and vacuum to clean up fur remnants- this will get everywhere
  • Optional: 1/2 yard of rope or chain

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pattern

Finding fabric: I like to use fabrics that contrast each other well; bright colors or patterns make for a really interesting lining, and make them a little more special than the hoods you'd find in a store.

Making the pattern: I traced the shape of a hood from a hoodie I owned, and added about 3" around all of the edges for optimal cozyness

For the bottom 'flaps', you can make these as long or as short as you want. I like mine to fall just blow my shoulders.

Cut the fur so that the direction of the fur will be DOWN when it's sewn together.

Cutting faux fur: You can use scissors like you would with any fabric, and this will work fine. If you want to create a bit less of a mess, flip the fabric fur side down, and carefully use an exacto blade or box cutter to cut the fabric.

Step 3: Make Sure This Is the Shape and Size You Want!

Pin the pieces together (you'll need extra long pins to keep the fur together), and try it on! Make adjustments as needed.

Step 4: Sew!

If you're sewing this by hand, you will want to use a back stitch (see photo).

First, take the 2 panels of the liner, flip them inside out, and sew them together from the top/front, back to the opening for the neck (the section that goes over the top of your head)

Put them aside, and do the same with the faux fur pieces.

Then, keep both pieces inside out (as pictured- fur side and right side of the lining are touching each other) put the fur inside of the lining, and sew along the front of the hood, and down around the flaps at the bottom. Leave the back open for now.

Step 5: Add Ears

Your hood will be really awesome as it is, but if you want to add ears:

Cut out 2 triangles of each fabric, in whatever shape you want them to be (I used obtuse triangles, but they can also be more round, and the size is entirely up to you).

Sew each ear, with the fur and lining, inside out. Leave the bottom open.

Use pins to find out where you want them to attach to the hood, and attach them using a back stitch.

Step 6: Make a Chain for the Bottom (optional)

With the hood right-side-out, take the 1/2 yard of chain or rope. You will want to use your fingers to find a small gap in the stitching and push it through the bottom of each flap.

Turn the hood inside-out (the bottom of the back/neck area should still be open at this point).

You should pull the chain or rope so there are a few inches inside the hood. Sew this on to the inside of the faux fur. Do this for both sides. And voila! Now your hood looks super fly, and you won't have to worry about it falling off.

Step 7: Finish the Back of the Hood

Fold the fur and the lining along the back of the hood inside, and use a slip stitch to finish the hood.