Introduction: Easy Gas Mask

About: Filmmaker, professional nerd.

This is a DIY gas mask made of things around the house. It's a great-looking replica that can be used in videos, cosplays, and other dress up events. Enjoy!

Materials for one gasmask:

- can of black spray paint
- respirator mask
- water bottle lid
- black panty hoes
- (2) empty applesauce/yogurt containers
- hot glue gun
- black rubber bands/elastics

Step 1: Spray Paint

Spray paint the masks and water bottle caps black. You may want to tape down the strings of the masks to keep from moving around.

Spray caps from far away to prevent them sliding across the floor like air hockey.

Step 2: Hoes on Hoes on Hoes

Cut panty hoes into strips of about four inches in length (will vary according to container size). Stretch the hoes around the container. Take the excess ends and use a rubber band to wrap it up as if you were making a bun with hair.

Step 3: Hot Glue

Glue on the two containers, buns facing inward and down. You'll want to thin out the hot glue so as not to burn through the respirator.

Then hotglue the bottle cap in between and slightly above the two containers and voila! Gas mask for your costume.