Easy Glue Spider Web




Introduction: Easy Glue Spider Web

This is a great easy project. Perfect for a little festive fun that even kids can create! Hot glue is the perfect medium for those translucent webs and can be made to be any size! Super versatile!

Step 1: Supplies

You only need three things!

Parchment paper

Hot glue sticks (it uses a lot of glue so make sure you start with plenty!)

Hot glue gun

Step 2:

Lay out the parchment paper in the size that you need for you web. Then start gluing! Start with the straight strands. I used 4 interesting lines. Then in a circular pattern start making connecting the lines with small short line sections. I found that if I pushed on the glue stick to force the glue out instead of pushing the trigger, I got a more even stream of glue coming out of my gun. But, if you get a few blobs, no worries. It just makes it look like dew! Do this on the entire section of web. After connecting all of the circles. Go back with one more line of glue over your initial 4 intersecting lines to make sure it is all sealed together. This also gives it a bit more structure.

Step 3: Finishing It UP

As it dries, the lines are easier to see. Double check all lines to make sure there is no break in the glue lines. Fix any with just another strip of glue. Allow to dry until cool. Remove gently from paper and your done. That's it! You can hang this stuff anywhere or put it on anything.

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    5 years ago

    Cute! I would imagine the webs could be spray-painted, too. Thank you for sharing this idea. :-)

    I hate my self for not doing this on Tuesday, but you still would have done better