Introduction: Easy Handmade Nuts and Bolts Star Trek Enterprise

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This is a very simple instructable to make Star Trek Enterprise 1701 - A from your uncategorized material bins.

The idea came from one day i found a wingnut in the gap of the carpet, it looks so familiar to me, then i realized it's could make a perfect part on Enterprise.

So, yeah, Make it so.

Step 1: What You Need

Nuts, screws, washers, bolts and etc., any leftover piece in you uncategorized material bins can be useful.

To assemble, you need some super glue or metal/jewelry glue.

In addition, you probably need a blueprint of Enterprise.

Step 2: Secondly Hull and Warp Engines

Pick up the proper items, such as bolts and nuts, align them to see if they work.

Glue each item one by one. You'd better make sure one fixed solid, then add another.

Step 3: Primary Hull and Bridge

Same as the previous step. Use washers in different sizes to make a plate.

You may glue the washers into three groups, bridge-primary hull-main phaser, then combine them with the screw.

Step 4: Final Assemble

Now we are almost done. Just glue the 2 pieces together.

Step 5: Boldly Go!

Step 6: Update - Exploring the Fridge

Thanks to rc jedi 's brilliant idea with magnets!

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