Introduction: Easy Handmade Wood Flower Centerpiece

Handmade gifts are always a great idea for a dear friend or family member. They create something more meaningful than purchasing a gift from a store. An easy, affordable, and sentimental homemade gift is a wood flower centerpiece box. After following 14 easy steps, you will have made a unique wood flower arrangement. To complete this project, the Burlap Centerpiece Craft Kit for $45.99 from Sola Wood Flowers will need to be purchased.


The Burlap Centerpiece Craft Kit comes with a wood box, block of foam, roll of burlap, fifteen wood flowers, green wire sticks, pieces of greenery, and two small bottles of paint that were chosen by the consumer.

Additional Supplies Needed:

  • Towel or old sheet
  • 2 Bowls of water
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • Stir stick
  • Butter knife

Step 1: Prepping Your Workspace

Lay towel or sheet over a hard surface such as a table or counter, then fill two bowls with water. For more vivid colored flowers, it is best to use warm/hot water. This can be done by heating up the water in a microwave or simply using hot water from a sink.

Step 2: Pouring Paint

Pour first bottle of paint into one of the bowls. It is easier to unscrew the cover and pour instead of trying to squeeze it out through the hole with the cover on.

Step 3: Mixing Paint

After pouring the bottle of paint into the bowl, use the wooden stir stick to stir the warm water and paint together until they are blended well without any separation.

Step 4: Painting Flowers

Pick out the flowers you want to paint with this first color. Place each flower in the bowl one at a time and move it around until the flower is covered with paint or until you are satisfied with the color.

Step 5: Lay the Flowers Out to Dry

Once you have completed the number of flowers that you wanted to paint with the first color, then lay them on a flat surface to dry.

Step 6: Complete Previous Steps With Other Paint Color

Follow steps 2-5 using the second bottle of paint and the other clean bowl of warm/hot water.

Step 7: 24-hour Drying Period

Once steps 1-6 are complete, lay out all of the flowers to dry for 24 hours. If a hairdryer or a microwave are accessible, either can be used to speed up the drying process. However, if you have enough time to let them sit and air dry, that would be best.

Step 8: Plug in Hot Glue Gun

After letting the flowers sit for 24 hours, you can plug in the hot glue gun and grab the long green wires.

Step 9: Gluing Wire to Flower

Take the hot glue gun and place a dot of glue on the end of one of the wires. Then, take a flower and stick it onto the tip of the wire. It is best to do it quickly as the hot glue makes it easier for the wire to go through the bottom of the flower. Complete this for each flower.

Step 10: Applying Burlap

Next, take the roll of burlap and place it around the inside edges of the wooden box to determine how it will fit best. Once secured, use the hot glue gun to glue the burlap to the wooden box where you would like it.

Step 11: Fitting Foam

Then, grab the green block of foam to place inside the wooden box. It should fit in the wooden box snuggly without being able to slide out easily. If it is too wide, then a butter knife can be used to cut off a layer of the sides in order to make it fit.

Step 12: Sticking Flowers Into Foam

Begin sticking flowers into the foam wherever you want them to be placed. This part is what makes your piece unique because you get to be creative in how you want your box to look.

Step 13: Applying Greenery

Grab the pieces of greenery to cut different sizes. Stick them in the foam throughout the flowers to cover any bare spots and add color.

Step 14: Complete Arrangement

Go through the arrangement to make sure nothing is loose that needs an extra dot of hot glue to stick down. At last, your homemade floral arrangement is complete!