Easy + Healthy Recipes |#2

Introduction: Easy + Healthy Recipes |#2

Hi! I just posted another healthy recipe video, so here is the Instructable for it!

Step 1: Sushi

For the first recipe, I made sushi.

For the first version, you'll need fish, rice, and any veggies. Simply wrap everything in the rice and roll it up.

For the 2nd version, you'll only need fish, veggies, and sauce. Cut small pieces of fish and layer on toppings.

Step 2: Watermelon Juice

All you need for this is a blender and some watermelon. Simply blend the watermelon, and you're done!

Step 3: Gluten Free Granola Bar

For this recipe, check out this link: http://glutenfreeskinny.net/no-bake-almond-cookies/

Step 4: Mini Fruit Salad

For this recipe, you'll need cupcake liners and any fruit of your choice.

Cut up small slices of fruit or nuts, and stick them in the liners.

Step 5: Gluten Free Cookies

For this recipe, check out this link: http://realhealthyrecipes.com/2014/01/17/how-to-make-gluten-free-granola-bars-video/

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