Introduction: Easy Homemade Wooden Organizing Safe

Hello I am here to teach you how to make a homemade wooden safe. My room has been getting cluttery with random valuables like money and other important items to me. These items I either don't want people to know about and get their hands on it and see it. This wooden safe is really durable and trustworthy for important items. I hope you enjoy this build.


One lock with key

12 feet of old 2x2

Hand full of small Nails

Some scrap .25 plywood


Wooden dowels

Step 1: Step 1 Cutting and Milling the Boards

In this step there is a lot of repetition so once you get the first layer down it will be really easy. The first thing you need to do is take your old 2x2's and cut them into 1x1's. This was a little more challenging for me because I do not have a table saw which is the ideal tool for this build but a skill saw some clamps and a flat surface a few feet of the ground will work. I milled the boards and ended up with nice 1x1's. I then took my sander and cleaned up the surfaces. I made sure that there was no more rough edges. I then took some .25 inch plywood and cut it so it was in a 9x9 square. From there I needed to do on three sides cabin style sides.

Step 2: Step 2 the Framing

In this step you will need a sharp pencil and a tape measure and a saw. Take the 9x9 piece of plywood and glue and nail a 9 inch 1x1 on any side of the board. Then measure and include the width of your board and this will be the board that goes on both sides. Then nail and glue them in. On one side make sure to leave about .75 of a inch so that your homemade hinge will fit here. Repeat this step until you are as high as you would desire.

Step 3: Step 3 Putting It All Together

In this step you will need to put on the second 9x9 piece of plywood. Glue and nail this to the top. Now you are ready to make the hinge. Take a 1x1 and cut it to the inside height that you chose and cut and sand it. When you sand it you want to turn it into a cylinder except for one side. This side is the side that the door will go on. Then drill a hole in the center of it on both ends so you can put a wooden dowel in it. Then mark holes where you want to drill to the dowel can go through the plywood too. Then you will line it all up ans pound the dowels through. This should all be a pretty snug fit so you will not need to use glue. Now you have to make the door. you want to cut this piece so there is a little space at the bottom so the door doesn't rub on the ground. I then attached the door to the hinge and screwed it in too just for extra support. Now it is time for the lock. On the other side you should put up a 1x1 vertical and nail and glue this piece as the lock will be holding on this piece. Get your lock and test fit where it is going to go and mark the hole you have to cut on the door. Everyone's lock is different so your hole will almost certainly be different than mine. Install the lock and glue around it for extra support. Then sand the safe and stain it whatever color you would like. You are done and ready to store your cluttery valuable items in here thank you.

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