Introduction: Easy Indian Rangoli

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Rangoli is made in courtyards to welcome Hindus deities and guests,on different occasions and festivals like Deepavali, Marriages, Pooja and many more.

Dotted Rangoli is design which is made by making dots forming lines in different shapes like square,circular,star. Later it is filled with beautiful colors and get a traditional design mostly made in south India.

Floral designs are different and at times, a little complex. Yet, they are very interesting. You can use many colors and even different flower petals to make it more artistic. You can get creative with the designs as you do not have to follow a fixed pattern. These designs are quite floral but also very romantic. It is a perfect blend of art and tradition.

You can also use these for your kids to join dots or color them :) :)

I have drawn Rangoli in note book to make it an easier version...


  • Notebook
  • pen
  • sketch pens
  • color pencils

Step 1: Dots

Make 15 dots centre of the page/ board. Then start keeping interlaced dots from 14 to 8 both upwards and downwards

Step 2: Joining Dots

Here we are going to make flower pattern .

  • Draw the stem
  • Then the leaves
  • Then the flower body

I have joined the dots with dotted version to have a better understanding of how many dots to be connected .

Step 3: Joining Dots

the same process continues for the rest of rose pattern

Step 4: Joining Dots

I have completed all the flowers now...

Step 5: Finishing Centre Star

  • Draw a small circle at centre
  • Then connect 3 dots on all sides as shown
  • Then connect 4 dots to form a straight line
  • Then connect the remaining three dots to form star shape

Step 6: Its Coloring Time


Its time to color ... decorate your rangoli with color of your choices or let the small ones do it !!!

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